Don’t miss JohnnyBall at the ICUEE demo expo!

Come experience the new 3D Leveling Platform and Operating System at the ICUEE Demo Expo September 29-October 1. JohnnyBall booth #4618.

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Like any other…

"My crew knows if we get 100 Redi Rock in the ground in one day everyone on the crew gets a hundred dollar bill. I am like any other boss. I always want more. I am hard to please. You better be operating for yourself and get good on that machine or you will be [...]

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Creature Comforts

"The machines are getting more and more like your sedan. It's great!! Sitting in a new dozer the other day it felt like I was sitting in a race car. Now with key-less start, back-up cameras and even a big brother system in the office to watch your every move. How about a little operator [...]

2015-08-03T20:16:39+00:00 August 3rd, 2015|

The Value of Level

"I learned the value of level on the first real excavator when I ran a CAT 245. It came from the opposing operator on the other shift in the mud room of the gold mine. It was to his benefit because I was making such a mess up on the hill that he had to [...]

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It’s Physics…

"We didn't just come up with an expensive Magic 8-ball. It really is just physics. All we have done is taken some good ol' excavating logic from mining, logging and demo ingenuity and applied them to some laws of physics like; gravity, slope and level to come up with the magic JohnnyBall. Laws of nature [...]

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"In the summer of 2012 I was hauling sand in Northern Indiana and showed the old man in the pit my first prototype. The next day I stopped to chat again and asked him since he had slept on it what did he really think? He told me, 'it would be okay if I could [...]

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JohnnyBall, the gauge we’ve needed all along

"When I am driving down the road in my pickup I have a gas gauge and a speedometer. Why? Because in real time I need to know what's happening in my vehicle. That's what JohnnyBall does for the excavating industry. It's like in 2015 that the auto industry decided it was a good idea that [...]

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The Art of Excavating

"The best dozer hand I ever knew was Burt. You have a guy like this too! What he had was that direct relationship going on between him and that machine and the passion for the profession he chose. JohnnyBall hits on this right between the eyes. It gives you a true sense of what that [...]

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The unplugged approach

"GPS and Electronics (Laser systems) are only getting more and more a common place in our industry. The JohnnyBall is such a breath of fresh air and an unplugged approach. It works in a direct relation between the relationship of man and machine almost like a sixth sense. You know, like never before what really [...]

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Precision and Safety are not an Option

"What I really love about my work is the different challenges I encounter everyday. The other day I had to set some sheet pile next to a box culvert to be able to set a Redi-RockĀ® retaining wall. When I was doing this precision and potentially dangerous procedure, was I guessing I was level or [...]

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