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The 3D onboard measuring system

The operators choice for your everyday challenges.


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Made in the USA

Made in the USA



JohnnyBall was recognized as one of the industry’s newest innovative technologies at the ICUEE Demo expo.

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JohnnyBall saves time and money.

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Messages from John, the inventor of JohnnyBall

The Art of Excavating

“The best dozer hand I ever knew was Burt. You have a guy like this too! What he had was that direct relationship going on between him and that machine and the passion for the profession he chose. JohnnyBall hits on this right between the eyes. It gives you a true sense of what that machine is doing at a glance. Our model of the heavy use of the rental market means that when that machine hits the ground it better be making money. JohnnyBall helps with this efficiency right away.”

“Do you get it?”
—John Miller

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What leading Excavators, Training Schools and Landfill Operators are saying about JohnnyBall:

“Using the Johnny Ball system to train the industries new and existing Operators gives them a tool to reference level and slope of the grade/grades they are working on. I also have used the Johnny Ball system to level the Cranes here at the school, Cranes are required to be within 1% or .57 degrees of level.”
“I get it!” Dan Swiggum, Instructor, Associated Training Services
“We teach operators how to operate the equipment, not how to drive where the GPS is telling them to go. What if the GPS is not working? What you going to do then?.”
“I get it!” Tim Hayes, Instructor, Associated Training Services
“JohnnyBall worked pretty slick. I was able to eliminate one rod guy.”
“I get it!” Justin, Operator, Team Elmer’s
“Everything I build is dead nuts on! Less staking…a lot less boots on the ground… saves lots of time. I love it.”
“I get it!” Chuck, Foreman, Caledonia Excavating
“We have JohnnyBall on our compactor and D6 dozer. It does everything you said it would. We can build slopes at any angle we need for the landfill.”
“I get it!” Don, Landfill Manager, American Waste
“JohnnyBall saved about 15 hours over a five-day period.”
“I get it!” Justin, Operator, Team Elmer’s
“I didn’t have to set as many stakes.”
“I get it!” Ken, Operator, Team Elmer’s
“JohnnyBall is another tool for your toolbox. It saved about two to three hours a day.”
“I get it!” Dan, Operator, Team Elmer’s
“JohnnyBall lets you reference yourself easily. It gave me something to fall back on.”
“I get it!” Tony, Operator, Team Elmer’s
“I could maneuver sideways and up and down in quick shift.”
“I get it!” Ken, Operator, Team Elmer’s
“Nice that we didn’t have to reset to switch angles.”
“I get it!” Ken, Operator, Team Elmer’s