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JohnnyBall is a 3D level and slope measuring system that allows you easily check slope while moving horizontally, vertically, sideways…any direction. This is a distinct advantage over non-3D slope meters, which require more than one meter to cover all slope and grades.
It’s ideal for retention ponds, roads and highways, ditches, landscaping, balancing jobsite materials, or any excavation or grading work where measuring level, grade and slope is useful.
When your machine is level, your work in the hole is more efficient. There’s no more guesswork. If your GPS happens to be down for any reason, your 3D grade work can continue with JohnnyBall as your guide. And it’s a great partner to your laser system when you want to double-check your grade and slope specs.
Yes, JonnyBall can go wherever you’ve installed a base cup. Each base cup you add to your fleet increases your ability to save time and money. We’ve found that most operators like having their own personal JohnnyBall, which they can take from job to job and machine to machine.
Installing JohnnyBall is a fairly simple and fast process. Download installation instructions here.
With JohnnyBall, your machine becomes a 3-dimenstional level and slope measuring system. It doesn’t matter if you’re going up, down, or traversing the slope sideways, you always know where you are and precisely what slope you have.
JohnnyBall durability, accuracy, and calibration have been extensively tested by independent labs, and field-tested by leading excavating companies. It’s a product of more than three years of development, design, and prototyping. It can withstand more than 34 g of blunt force, and can function in temperatures from below zero to over 100 degrees F. Best of all, it’s doesn’t rely on electricity, so it’s never down.
Suggested retail price for JohnnyBall is $1,950.00. Base cups are available in two-packs for $99.00. Quantity discounts are available and credit cards are accepted. You can purchase a JohnnyBall at the JohnnyBall Store.

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JohnnyBall comes with a one-year warranty. If it fails in any way within the first year of purchase, we will repair or replace it free of charge.
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Buy JohnnyBall Today!
JohnnyBall is typically available for shipment within 48 hours of your order. Please check availability with your distributor.
JohnnyBall has been tested by independent labs and used on multiple job sites by leading excavation companies.
Regional and international distributors relationships are still available. Just send an email about your interest to